Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A tough lesson....

Well folks,

I want to encourage each and every one of you to back up your data. Oh! did I mention back up your data? One more thing. Back up your data.

Are you detecting a theme? With much regret on my part, I am sad to report that there will be a delay on the release of my new Tabby Cat pattern. The last time I backed up my data was in May after my portable hard drive decided it was done. I did salvage many of my business e-resources, but much to my dismay, many of the newest images and patterns, are very likely gone forever. My advice? Listen to that little voice inside that says, "Wow, that was close, I should........ before ..........happens." We have intuition for a reason everyone. We should listen to it regularly and much more closely.

It has been only 24 hours since I last saw my new portable hard drive (the one with all the backed up data as well as all the new.) Now there is a slight chance that it will turn up, but I have to be realistic and assume that its gone for ever, and someone has themselves a new 500 GB hard drive with much of my sensitive personal information on it. Doh!! What can I do? FYI, its a pink Western Digital (just in case anyone finds one ;)

This is where my intuition enters the story. Just last week, I left it at work. Expected it to be there and it wasn't. I checked all the usual places that the other secretary would use to hide it. At least I thought I did. Of course it was not in the usual places. After looking one last time, I found it in a place that it had never been put before. That's when I said to myself, "Wow, that was close. I should really back up my data before something happens and I loose it all. If I lost the data, I would be up a creek"

Well here I am up that very creek.

So I just want to encourage everyone to get a move on and quit procrastinating, and listen to that little voice inside. Back up your data and trust what your intuition tells you. It might just save you a bit of time and effort.

Now that I have rambled a bit I have to get busy working on kit packaging. Updated packaging is part of what is now missing. But first I want to let everyone know that I will be making a third Tabby and I'm 98% sure I can have the new pattern ready by 3/17. Thank you for hanging in there and again I apologize for the delay.