Friday, March 12, 2010

Tabbee Pattern Idea

This is for you Faye.....
I'd like to find out what you think of this face or if you like the other face better? The pattern is almost ready except that I needed to get your input on this guy. I know that I have communicated with you directly in the past but cannot for the life of me track it down.

Anyone else who may be reading this, I would also valur your input as well. I really wasn't satisfied with the other tabbee. Just didn't look right to me. So I sat down and redesigned the face in the effort of making him look more catlike. I like the new guy. I'll likely use the head on a pattern at a later date if the overall input encourages me to use the original head. Thank you for all your help.
I think Tabbee is liking his new look. Great ideas so far. Keep em coming!