Monday, December 29, 2008

The cutest thing ever!

OK folks, I just had to share. Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen? I took this the day I was sitting in my parlor as the window guys were completing the installation of the new windows. Just a side note, they are fabulous! The windows for being so clean, and the window guys for NOT taking their time. We had minimal spells cold in the house and minimal messes. Overall, I am pleased by a job well done.
Just started my best friends hooded scarf today. I figured I should get it done or it would be another year and another winter gone by where she has a cold head. I dyed the yarn last winter and just have been too busy to make it. Well Jessie, now its a priority. You shall have it within two weeks.
I will have progress photos on my Ravelry and will post the finished pics here when its done.
Also on the agenda, a coworker wants Mosey's for her 15 year old. And yes she wants them to be lime green. Woo hoo! So will be dying more in this color for those. I also decided that this color would be perfect for some Mybootee Sock Froggees. So I'll also be working through the pattern once more to put on the finishing touches, and then will be able to post so keep an eye out for that.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Updated at last

Hello everyone. I finally have been forced to sit down and stop knitting. I know, I know I had to stop knitting. Working on the Psych unit as a unit clerk and having not only general clerical duties but also having to deal with all the other services in the hospital and being the general "go to girl" puts a lot of pressure on me for 8 continuous hours. Knitting is the only release I have so I knit all the time. It has paid off though. Once the creative juices get flowing there is no stopping me. As I sit here in the living room with the new windows getting installed and my room (and knitting stuff) in the shambles, I decided I better update everyone as to what has had me so busy this holiday season.

First I participated this year in the Old World Christmas Market in Downtown Salt Lake City. It was a great experience for me and I can't wait till next year. Now I have a feel for what people are looking for at this venue and will be working busily on creating a better presentation for my wares.

Once this was done, I focused my attention onto my christmas gifts.

My dad loved his special gift. Even though he bought one online after I specifically told him not to because, Santa might just bring him what he asked for. I decided that he needed night cap to go with his night shirt just for the fun of having one. I think this might have to be next years Christmas card.

My 12 year old loved her Moseys I made one pair in lime green and one pair in brown and she has been wearing them around the house and prancing about in her new boots too! This year was a good year for giving what would be appreciated. Yeah Me!