Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Monday!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Actually I'm not that excited about Monday. Not because I don't like my day job, but that I can't stay home and work on all the exciting ideas I have spinning around in my head right now. :( I'm sure we can all feel that pain.

It's OK though. I had a productive weekend and whipped out a few more oven mitts for the market and my Etsy store. (Someday soon I may be able to update my website.) So here they are. I had a lot of fun making them and actually have several more to make. I do feel like I'm living in a crafters pig sty though. Everywhere I look there are fabric and yarn scraps, and I clean it up regularly but I make a mess just as soon as I do it. I bet we can all feel that pain too! I am eager to finish the oven mitts because then the supplies can be put away and there will be new mess to deal with, LOL.

The first stocking is almost done. I'm currently knitting the solid band and after playing with graphpaper and names, decided against knitting the names. I just don't have enough stitches to knit them in to look good. I did however come up with an idea to use ribbon to embroider them in. That will be fun. I really do wish I could figure out how to make a frayed ribbon so that there is some texture as well to the names. I think that could be fun as well. Thought about cutting 1 inch strips, carefully putting a very thin line of fray check down the middle and trowing them into the washer several times to get the fray. I could trim it up afterward so that it looks nice then using that as the ribbon. But we will see as we get to that point. Thank you to all my readers who read on my ramblings.... Will post tomorrow hopefully about what I come up with tonight after work.