Monday, March 14, 2011


Last week I shipped a lovely selection of Mybootee Babee DK Desert Thread in Moab Utah! Woo Hoo! So if you're in the neighborhood visiting or whatever you may be doing, you should stop in and check them out. I've been busily working on pattern layouts and boy let me tell you, graphic designers sure do a lot of work. So when you look at a magazine, a book, or a poster, especially one that you like and that is interesting, just remember, that it likely took someone hours or days, or even weeks to come up with something that is appealing. It's tougher than you'd think. Many of you know that I have been revising and redesigning layouts for my patterns for several weeks now, and after all this, I still only barely have a couple layouts that I am happy with. So I will continue on and am thoroughly enjoying all the learning that has taken place lately.

In addition, I want to introduce our new color line of Sock Yarn Solids. I have been obsessed with coming up with patterns that call for sock yarn that are not socks. And while that is still something I have in mind, I have discovered some new colors that I felt needed to be made into new Sock Yarn Solids. But this color line is not nearly complete. And as of now, I only have two dyed up. I expect to due more in the weeks to come and will likely share each one on our Facebook page. And if you haven't already discovered, we have a Facebook page, so like us or share us or whatever else you can do with us there.

Now without further adeiu here are the two newest colors in the Mybootee Family!