Friday, March 4, 2011

Now in spanish!

I just made a new friend in Spain! She has generously translated my Babee Chullo pattern into spanish and is also willing to answer questions about the translation and the pattern. Now I realize that mostly everyone reading this blog, speaks english because after all how could you read it unless you did. But I figure, since some of us are bilangual (me excluded), then it might be of interest.

The ulitmate goal is for me to publish all my patterns in translated languages so that more people can share in the fun, but this will take time. So anyone who is interested in translating some or all of my other patterns, and whom I can direct questions to, would be welcome. And I would obviously provide them with the patterns free of charge. If for some reason, they choose a pattern that is already offered for free, I would be happy to arrange some other type of trade.

I am very excited about this new adventure, and I hope to do my part in helping the fabulous english patterns reach a whole different group of knitters.

Incidentally for any designers who might be reading this, the Spanish patterns are far and few in between so if you speak spanish, that's a great way to share more of your work!