Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taco Salads, Caramel, Knitting

Well, it's been a little while since I have written. I have been busy cooking, knitting, and revising patterns. I've also been fighting a spring cold & must say that I think they are worse than winter colds. At least with winter colds, it's cold outside With spring colds, one day is warm, the next day is cold, the day after that is warm and wet and it just seems that mother nature is very indecisive. Oh wait, I live in Utah, thats normal!

Now that I am feeling better I am getting back into the habit of cooking for my family. This weeks recipe is a total winner. Taco salads with Creamy Tomatillo Salad Dressing. So here's ya do. Prepare salad dressing according to the directions. Cook 2 pounds of taco meat with 3 packs of taco seasoning (for a family of three you can easily get dinner, lunch the next day, and maybe even dinner again). Put one flour tortilla in a frying pan with a little bit of margarine on medium heat. Check regularly until you see the nice golden brown spots, then flip it over with a little bit more margarine. Sprinkle a little shredded cheese on top and allow to melt. Then put tortilla in a bowl and squish down the middle. Voila! You now have a taco salad shell. For the salad, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, de-seaded diced tomato, and cucumber if you like. You are obviously free to add anything else you think a salad should have but for minimizing time in the kitchen, I chose just these ingredients. The nice thing is that you cut enough of each ingredient that you can eat off of it for two or three days, with minimal mess and it is very satisfying.

So, you've got your shell, your meat, your dressing, and your salad. Put it together any way you like and you are set. The picture does not express the glory that was my taco salad, but what can I say? I was hungry and did not want to fiddle with the camera.

I'm struggling too with making caramels. There is just something special about a home made caramel and after successfully making some last week, I cannot seem to make more. The obsessive part of me has used up three bags of sugar, almost a gallon of heavy whipping cream, all the Captain Morgan's spiced Rum, and three bags of pecan pieces. In defense of the rum, I only had about a cup to begin with. I am going to attempt one more try tonight when I get home, I have the cream, I have the Karo syrup now, and I am very familiar with the "hard ball" stage. Will see how it goes, but if anyone has a good failsafe recipe I would love it.

Now that I have all revisions of the Double Trio Reversible Cable Scarf complete, and its ready for sale, I have become inspired for another scarf idea. The Floating Reversible Cable Scarf.

This scarf features a lace mesh edged with reversible cables. Two more reversible cables appear to "float" in the lace. The end result? Versatility, Variation, and Lush detail without the hassle of a complicated pattern.