Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Halelujah!.... Halelujah, halelujah!

Isn't this the most beautiful cinnamon roll you have ever seen? (Sigh)Another day at the daily grind. One more day to go this week, and I can get back to creating. The one thing that helps me get my day off to a good start is this beautiful cinnamon roll. I am also soothed by thoughts of the silk I dyed two weeks ago and how smooth it feels against my cheek. I can't wait to get it all ready for the market three weeks from now. I decided I would make a scarf for my daughter who happens to be enthralled by lime green and orange. So I have orange silk drying on the patio and I am using the lime green to start. Will post a pic as soon as its done. I think she will like it, she is always stealing mine and is like so many other females, she loves soft things and is just as compelled to put them up against her cheek to slip away in to euphoria for a few moments to enjoy it. Like mother, like daughter...