Thursday, October 1, 2015

Introducing My Favorite Artfire Finds

I've decided to open my new shop on a new online handmade market place called Artfire.  While I love how successful Etsy was for me,  Seems that the original idea of featuring hand made items from small scale artisans has been overcome by the desire to sell large quantities of mass produced, "disposable",  resale goods from overseas.  

Don't get me wrong,  There are some very talented artists selling their wares on Etsy who reside overseas, and I wish them much success.  And I also support jobs creation in China and third world countries, but I prefer to find a place where the handmade goods are truly separated from the mass produce commercial goods that are saturating Etsy's "Handmade" category. 

The many times I've searched handmade goods on Artfire, they are truly hand made. Of course there is a "commercial" section of goods,  but the handmade is much easier to find.  Here are my fave black and white finds from Artfire.  And I will add more as I discover them so stay tuned.

  Black and White Finds on Arftire on Pinterest.