Tuesday, December 21, 2010


in the midst of inspiration, torn between what I need to do and what I want to do, I am pleasantly suprised. As I sit at work today trying to find every excuse not to work I am drawn to shoe shopping, which due to my size 11 feet always presents a stimulating challenge. Then I have some of the seasonal goodies that inevitably show up at this time of year to tempt me. I then proceed to paruse the internet, looking for the next brilliant idea. Somthing I can use up the myriad of designer fabric scraps that I have amassed during the last year. So many scraps and no good solid ideas.

In my search I came across a wonderful blog. I love the fabrics she uses, and her vision. I also was particularly struck by her statement "I am very happy for small businesses to sell items made from my PDF Patterns." There are a lot of things that this statement tells me. The main one is that she loves what she does and she wants to share with others. I so rarely come accross other designers that are willing to share their ideas so that everyone may benefit from them. So
CLICK HERE to see it.