Monday, October 18, 2010

Anna's Art Coming Soon!

So I anticipate many "piddly" posts in the next several weeks, until I can get things in order enough to have something workable, Especially since I discovered the need for website revamping so close to the Holiday season, which also happens to be when our website sales are the most active. Crossing my fingers though.

So this post is the future home of Anna's Art! She meticulously paints little masterpeices onto rocks. Yes folks, I said rocks. The are indeed "painted rocks" But what can I say? They are fun.

For this one, Anna first found a rock that had some interesting texture on it. One particular area was encrusted with old cemement or something similar. She used Wood Putty to mold the chimney because we all know that while many rocks are interesting, they do not come with chimneys.

She then lets the shape and texture guide her paintbrush and after several days, the detail is evident. There's always something going on inside, and she paints in such a way that if you could just peak around the corner you might get the full picture.

My favorite part though? Remember the cement crusted on the side that I mentioned earlier? It's now a tree? If any of her work is evidence of how she uses the texture to guide her painting, this is it. I continually put this one on display as one of my favorites, and each time I do, I am amazed at her artistry. Being a knitter and a crafter, painting and schetching has always eluded me. She truely has a gift.