Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hello everyone! I wanted to post info about my latest project. I decided that I wanted to finishe some projects that have been halfway done all summer. Here is the first one.

This scarf was made from some different colored silks I had sitting around and left over from the 2008 Farmer's Market. I was very suprised at how nice it turned out and how soft.

This guy has been sitting around all summer with not head or arms and I finally got him done Monday Night. I tried something new here and attached the arms and ears using my stitch consolidation method. I think it worked pretty well and will be trying it again in the future. I also feel perhaps another animal coming on soon.

Before getting too engrossed in another animal kit though, I have to work through this pattern a few more times. It has been tested and it seemed to work well, but I have a few things I'd like to rework before publishing him. He's been sitting around all summer with all but a hand and two feet, and I just had a ball making them last night.